Wear Slippers Or Go Barefoot At Home

Wear Slippers Or Go Barefoot At Home

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When at home, should you wear slippers or go barefoot?  Some people prefer to wear comfy and cozy slippers when walking around their home.  Others prefer to go barefoot when at home.  There are no right or wrong choices when deciding.  So, should one wear slippers or go barefoot at home, it all depends on your preferences.  Keep reading to find out if you should slip your feet into a pair of soft slippers, go barefoot, or enjoy a little of both.

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Wearing Slippers Indoors

Shoes offer protection for your feet outdoors while slippers provide needed protection for your feet indoors.  Donning slippers in your home help support your feet.  If your feet could talk after spending a long day in shoes, they’ll want something comfortable and relaxing to rest in.

Slippers are also perfect for people who always have cold feet as they aid in warming your body from the bottom up.

Another thing to think about when wearing slippers is they keep your feet clean.  Dirt is inevitable in your home and can easily get tracked in.  An open window, your outside shoes, or your loveable animals can all contribute to dirt and filth being brought into your home.  All that dirt collects and lands on our floors.  A pair of house shoes or slippers can help keep that dirt and other nasty germs off your feet.

Going Barefoot In Your Home

We all learned to walk barefoot as it helped with the development of proprioception (your body’s awareness in space).  When you go barefoot, you’re able to strengthen the muscles and bones in your feet.  This all leads to a healthy gait or walking pattern as explained by Dr. Jonathan Kaplan via an article from Healthline.

However, when walking barefoot in your home, you are susceptible to injury from foreign objects on the floor.  From the kids small toys, to glass, to home furnishings (couch leg, bed frame, or wall), your feet should be protected at home to avoid injury.  What’s worse than a stubbed toe? (Well I can think of a few things but you get the point).  You also can expose yourself to bacterial and fungal infections from the floor, especially if people wear outside shoes in the house.

How About The Combination Of Both?

Wearing slippers and/or going barefoot at home can take some getting use to.  You can wear your slippers when walking on hardwood or tiled floor surfaces to give your feet some comfort.  Then, let your feet get a bit of a workout by going barefoot on carpeted or soft flooring.  Experience the best of both worlds.

If you have foot problems and/or pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes consult with your primary care physician before deciding to go barefoot at home.

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