About Us

Cozy, Supportive, and Comfortable house shoes and slippers for you to enjoy your life relaxed.

Hello and welcome to Lyfe Lax, the world’s 1st house slipper subscription service.  House slippers are that little luxury we don’t really think about, but we also can’t live without.

Here at Lyfe Lax, we know the importance of keeping yourself and your family protected from the germs of the outside world.  We are here to give you a way to do just that, while feeling comfortable at the same time.

The house shoes and slippers we provide are made from the most comfortable and softest materials to wrap your feet in awesomeness.  From plush, to fleece, to cotton, and beyond, these slippers will give you the comfort your feet deserve.

Why Lyfe Lax?

The Covid19 and coronavirus pandemic taught us to mind our cleanliness now more than ever before. During this time we’re all looking for ways to minimize germs and bacteria from getting into our homes.  Leaving your outside shoes at the door and donning house slippers are a comfortable way to do just that.  

The slipper subscription service was created to allow you to get a fresh pair of house shoes or slippers every few months.  With repeated wear, your slippers will start to lose its plushness and accumulate bacteria.  Therefore, it is recommended to change your house slippers every few months.

Backed with quality products and exceptional customer service, our company works hard to ensure you are satisfied.

We had you in mind when we created Lyfe Lax and we will continue to think of you as we grow together as a family.

Any questions about our company or you just want to chat, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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