Slippers Are The Perfect Complement To…

Slippers Are The Perfect Complement To…

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Slippers are that little luxury we don’t really think about, but we also can’t live without.  Think about it, wherever you are or whatever you’re doing in your home, I’m pretty sure you’re doing it with a pair of slippers on your feet.  Slippers just have a way of relaxing our body from the bottom up and making us feel better.  Lets just say slippers are an important part of our daily living.  Your slippers are the perfect complement to… we’ll let you fill in the blank based on your own lifestyle.  While you’re thinking, here’s a few common activities that aren’t done without a pair of slippers.

blue and purple fleece slippers from Lyfe LaxMorning Coffee

It’s morning, the sun is shining on your face and you’re laying in bed thinking about all the great things you’ll accomplish today.  Mostly everyone’s day starts with a cup of coffee.  But before making your morning cup of Joe, you have to slip into your comfy slippers to really get the day started.  You might as well say slippers are one of “the best parts of waking up.”

Glass of Wine

The day is done and the night has settled in.  Binge watching your favorite TV show and having a glass of wine is what your night consists of.  After a long day, nothing feels better than winding down with your favorite beverage and slipping into something comfortable.  We don’t have to say how your slippers are the perfect complement to a glass of wine.  Everyone knows that wine just isn’t complete without something warm on your feet.

Working from Home

Working from home has become the new normal for many of us.  Because you’re home, you may opt for being a bit more comfortable while doing your job.  There is only one thing we can think of that can help.  You guessed it!, a comfy pair of slippers.  Who says you can’t be productive while enjoying foot comfort.  Wearing slippers while working from home has become the best thing you can do for your feet.  You may think about wearing your normal work attire but you’re home, so leave your shoes at the door and wear your slippers.  Substitute your uncomfortable dress shoes and heels for something comfortable and relaxing.  Sounds like a win to me.

Movie Night

The week is done and you want to enjoy your night in with your family, watching a movie you’ve all been waiting to see.  You have your popcorn, a fluffy blanket, your favorite spot on the couch, and a pair of slippers to keep those toes warm for the night.  Snuggle up on the couch with your family in comfy and cozy house slippers.

What else can you think of that slippers complement?

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