How Often Should You Replace Your House Shoes And Slippers?

How Often Should You Replace Your House Shoes And Slippers?

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Did you know house shoes and slippers are among the commonly used household/personal items that should be replaced regularly.  According to an article from GoodtoKnow, you should replace your house shoes and slippers every 6 months and clean them often.

That soft and cozy lining in your slippers will start to fade after each wear.  Not to mention, house shoes and slippers can be a breeding ground for bacteria to grow.

Everything has an expiration date, even your slippers.  For continued foot comfort and support, ditch your house shoes and slippers for a new pair every few months.


Replace Your House Shoes and Slippers

We all love the feeling of coming home and slipping into a pair of comfy and cozy slippers.  They have a way of making us forget about the long day we had.  But they also have a way of accumulating bacteria that can cause fungal infections.

We know what you’re thinking, will I still need to replace my slippers every 3-6 months if I wash them often?  Replacing your house shoes and/or slippers every few months is a recommendation based on how often you wear them.  The soft lining that soothes your feet and the rubber footbed that protects you from slips and falls start to wear down over time.


I Like The Idea of New Slippers Every Few Months

Lyfe Lax has a slipper subscription service that allows you to get a new pair of slippers every 3, 4, or 6 months.  (Just a quick plug).  No need to worry about remembering when to replace your house shoes or slippers.  Lyfe Lax has you covered, start you subscription today!

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